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Eleven Mayfair is pleased to announce the exclusive UK launch of a ground-breaking new hair service combining Ultrasound technology with natural ingredients which offers a multi-action smoothing and repair treatment, inspired by the leading technology and formulations of Japanese hair care. Pioneers in thermal treatments and the latest discoveries, Eleven Mayfair is well-versed to take their place as the leaders for the new Japanese Diamond System in the UK.

The Japanese Diamond System is a complete hair repair system, using a combination of Ultrasound technology with naturally-derived ingredients to rejuvenate and restructure the hair from the inside out, whilst also providing long-term protection against external harmful effects including dryness and UV-B radiations.

The Japanese Diamond System incorporates a line of eight products, which have been developed by experts in Japan since 1965. Products include Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Oil, Silk, Cranberry and Lavender and Eleven Mayfair are championing this as; “The most superior repair treatment available in the UK.”

How does it Work?
The products applied during the Japanese Diamond System are sealed deep into the cortex of the hair through the unique Ultrasound System, which delivers the best possible repair result to date; entirely re-born hair which is soft to the touch and with brilliant shine!

The results of the treatment are instant and last up to eight weeks.

The Japanese Diamond System:
Brand new ground-breaking Technology, results last for up to eight weeks , repairs hair from the inside out, uses ultrasound technology without heat. Inspired by pioneers in Japan

Exclusively available at Eleven Mayfair
Created by experts in thermal treatments.

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Japanese Diamond System

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